Why choose a wedding book?

What would it feel like to hold a custom made wedding album in your hands that tells the story of your wedding day? What would it mean to share this story with your children and grandchildren? 

Digital files disintegrate over time and individual photographs do not have the capacity to tell a story the way your custom made wedding album can. These heirloom pieces are the beginning of your legacy and allow you to bring your love story to life through print for yourselves and for generations to come.

We proudly offer amazing quality handmade books from a range of carefully chosen suppliers. You are free to choose from gorgeous materials like silk, Alcantara, real wood and more. The cover can be personalised in all the ways you want be it a photo, your names and date, initials or any graphic you provide us.

Ready to trust us your memories?

If you like what you see already, wait no longer and send us a message with your wedding details (date, location, expected guest number) and we will get back to you within 24 hours with additional information and details about our offers for you.